Dear ’26,

By Marie-Rose Sheinerman


The editor-in-chief extends a welcome message to the incoming class and shares what she wishes she had known four years ago.

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The Frosh Dictionary

By Staff of The Daily Princetonian

Words you might not know yet, but definitely will.


Advice for Frosh

By Staff of The Daily Princetonian

Check out the advice our staff have for frosh!


Three years ago, it was an undergraduate senior thesis. Now, it’s the basis of the Class of 2026 Pre-read.

By Aidan Iacobucci

In case you were curious about how your pre-read came to exist, check out our coverage.


Dear Class of 2026: Here are 26 things I've learned from my first year

By Stephenie Chen

Enjoy 26 nuggets of wisdom from someone who was in your shoes last year.


'In language there is life': Students find limitation and possibility in language practice outside University curriculum

By Molly Taylor

Students help each other fill in the gaps of the University’s offerings.


Princeton needs to make more space for failure amid the abundance of success

By Audrey Chau

Assistant Opinion Editor Audrey Chau argues that in a campus culture geared toward ambition and success, Princeton students should make room for failure.


‘Scars remain’: Princeton alumni in Highland Park reflect on a community forever changed

By Hope Perry and Eden Teshome

University community members in Highland Park recount Independence Day mass shooting.


Women's basketball ousts Kentucky for second March Madness win in program history

By Isabel Rodrigues

The women’s basketball team made it to the biggest stage just last year. Can they do it again in 2023? Check out the highlights ahead of the season!


Breaking Up with STEM

By Kerrie Liang

Sometimes arriving to college means discovering that your true academic passions lie elsewhere than where you imagined.


Disabled students at Princeton and the ongoing fight for a more inclusive campus

By Naomi Hess

Students with disabilities build a home for themselves and for future students like them on campus, fighting for equity at a university not built for them.


Princeton professors, alumni react to SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

By Lia Opperman and Isabel Yip

The high court held that the Constitution does not confer a right to an abortion.


We tried 6 local pizza places so you don’t have to

By Maria Khartchenko

Tiger Town Treats: Pizza Edition


The sham of meritocracy in Princeton admissions

By Rohit Narayanan

Community Opinion Editor Rohit Narayanan uses an allegory to argue that Princeton is not the meritocratic institution it purports to be.


Life after accusation: Inside Princeton’s Honor Code

By Marie-Rose Sheinerman and Claire Silberman

We chronicle a story of spiraling mental health, institutionalized alienation, and renewed hopes for reform.


We tried ice cream from 3 different shops so you don't have to

By Sydney Eck

Tiger Town Treats: Ice Cream Edition


Ways to find home

By Daniel Viorica

For some of you, coming to Princeton will be your first stint away from home. This student reflects on ways to find home away from home, something you will all be doing quite soon.


With warm popcorn and James Bond, a Princeton institution reopens after pandemic closure

By Isabel Kingston

Curious about life off campus? Read all about nights at the Princeton Garden Theatre.


Power couple Abby Meyers and Marge Donovan on using their platforms as queer student-athletes

By Eric Fenno

Star athletes speak out for queer student inclusion in varsity sports.


Here’s a look at course availability in Princeton’s most popular departments

By Charlie Roth

Looking forward to course enrollment? Find out if your favorite class will be a competitive entry.


Princeton students fundraise, petition, express solidarity with Ukraine following Russian invasion

By Hope Perry

Read about how Princetonians reacted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Reform FYRE panels

By Stephenie Chen

Upon arrival to campus, you will become very familiar with FYRE panels. Contributing Columnist Stephanie Chen proposes reforms to the system.


We tried 6 iced lattes in Princeton so you don’t have to

By Sydney Eck

Tiger Town Treats: Iced Latte Edition


Princeton’s friendliest face: a Q&A with Mathey College’s ‘Ms. Heather’

By Sydney Eck

If you ever eat in Roma (you will), Ms. Heather will brighten your day no matter what. Get to know her ahead of time with this Q&A.


Princeton’s commitment to inclusion must extend to athletics

By AJ Lonski

Athletics are a big part of campus life, and not just for varsity athletes. AJ Lonski argues for greater inclusivity, especially for members of the LGBTQ+ community.


We analyzed room draw; over 50% of available housing will be next to construction

By Sam Kagan, Anika Maskara, and Lia Opperman

We found out that you’re more likely than not to live next to construction this fall. Sorry. Read all about it here.

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Women’s golf wins Ivy League title, finishes sixth in Stanford Regional at NCAAs

By Wilson Conn

Don’t sleep on golf! Check out this story of Princeton women’s golf and their Ivy League title.


USG Senate upholds appeal over Caterpillar referendum, will withhold statement to University for or against referendum

By Katherine Dailey, Paige Cromley, and Annie Rupertus

“Catch up on the topic of much campus discourse last year: Referendum 3.”


On Van Gogh: what it means to be ‘useful’ in the world

By Thia Bian

A student reflects on the pressures of the outside world and embracing the smaller joys in life.


Faculty report recommends criteria for Princeton to evaluate companies for fossil fuel dissociation

By Tess Weinreich

USG President Mayu Takeuchi ’23 called the report a “substantive step forward.”


Why won’t anyone teach me math?

By Abigail Rabieh

Thanks to Princeton’s distribution requirements, you might have to take a math class. Columnist Abigail Rabieh discusses her experience trying to find an accessible course.


A lot of different flowers make a bouquet: Reflecting on the past four years

By Harsimran Makkad

Graduation is likely the last thing on your mind (you haven’t even arrived yet!), but check out this moving reflection from a recently graduated senior.


Princeton dismisses professor Joshua Katz ‘effective immediately’ after U. investigation finds policy violations

By Paige Cromley and Evelyn Doskoch

The topic of much campus discussion, incoming students are likely to hear about the controversial dismissal.


Competitive clubs: how Princeton’s selective extracurriculars favor the wealthy

By Genrietta Churbanova

Head Opinion Editor Genrietta Churbanova argues that campus clubs should be more accessible — especially in terms of prior experience and socioeconomic status.


An Ode to Course Offerings Day

By José Pablo Fernández García

You will get to experience the beauty of Course Offerings Day. Curious about what the hype is over? This student tells you in a nostalgic reflection.


Men’s track and field earns eight All-American honors at NCAA Indoor Championships

By Julia Nguyen

Even when they’re at the top, Tigers aren’t satisfied: The men’s track and field team strives for even greater glory next season.


University renames Marx Hall to honor Laura Wooten, the nation’s longest-serving election poll worker

By Madeleine LeBeau

If you sign up for an introductory philosophy class, you may be one of the first Princeton students to sit for lecture in Laura Wooten Hall.


Let’s stop giving grades

By Josiah Gouker

You’re going to spend the next four years worrying about grades. Columnist Josiah Gouker argues we should abolish the grading system all together.