To ask what you can do for humanity, ask first what you can do for your community

By Rohit Narayanan


"With a new class of Princetonians entering campus, I urge them to care in the here and now."

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Second annual DEI report reveals slew of new programs, minor increase in faculty diversity

By Julian Hartman-Sigall and Bridget O'Neill

The University released its second annual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Report, described as part of an ongoing effort to make Princeton “more diverse, inclusive, and accessible.”


UHS reports high student satisfaction, but some students cite availability and quality issues

By Kaustubh Jain

In a series of interviews with a dozen undergraduates, The Daily Princetonian found that some students express dissatisfaction with McCosh in two categories: ability to secure an appointment and the level of engagement that they received.


When’s the best time to leave Princeton for NYC or Philly? We broke it down.

By Ryan Konarska

We analyzed the over 600 New Jersey Transit trains on the Northeast Corridor to determine the most efficient routes to and from the two cities. For example, the average time for a weekend trip to New York City is 1 hour and 31 minutes, though the times and efficiency vary based on time of day and day of the week.


Affirmative action doesn’t do enough to diversify elite education

By Christofer Robles

“Although affirmative action has been an important tool for nationally increasing diversity in higher education, it is simply an unsustainable bandage on a defective admissions ethos.”


The Frosh Dictionary

By Staff of The Daily Princetonian

Words you might not know yet, but definitely will.


‘How to Stand Up to a Dictator’ is an important warning about misinformation

By Ivy Chen

“Ressa puts what I’ve long felt uncomfortable about into words, supported by evidence and data,“ writes incoming first-year Contributing Prospect Writer Ivy Chen.


Sports Year in Review: The most impressive Tiger teams of 2022–23

By Brian Mhando

After being ranked the No. 14 athletic program in the country, Princeton not only boasts the best undergraduate education in the world, but the best athletic program in the Ivy League. 


Sports Year in Review: The standout Tiger athletes of 2022–23

By Brian Mhando

From a NFL draft pick to the end of a wrestling drought, here are some of the best individual performances of 2022–23.


Women's basketball ousts Kentucky for second March Madness win in program history

By Isabel Rodrigues

The women’s basketball team made it to the biggest stage just last year. Can they do it again in 2023? Check out the highlights ahead of the season!


Despite University memo, security cameras being mounted indoors

By Vitus Larrieu

Students that spoke to The Daily Princetonian expressed surprise and frustration when they saw security cameras go up inside residential buildings, despite an earlier memo from the University stating that the cameras would only be installed on building exteriors. 


The omelet station at Yeh/NCW serves a community with a diversity of tastes

By Andrew Bosworth

The ‘Prince’ conducted an omelet order survey at Yeh/NCW, which revealed higher use of the omelet station by athletes, and a small group of students that consistently gets omelet in the morning and builds relationships with the staff.


Administrators cite accessibility successes, Hobson to better serve neurodivergent students

By Laura Robertson

The Daily Princetonian sat down with University Architect Ron McCoy and Director of Accessibility Michael Barnes to discuss how the University plans for building accessibility.


‘Understanding where we fit in’: Princeton’s growing veteran community spans borders

By Valentina Moreno

The number of veteran undergraduates has grown in recent years. From U.S. veterans to international students who completed mandatory service, the students shared their variety of perspectives and life experiences on campus with The Daily Princetonian.


Eisgruber won't sacrifice academic rigor for mental health. Students aren't getting either

By Rohit Narayanan

“The problem with Eisgruber’s logic isn’t that Princeton students don’t sympathize with the fear of academic mediocrity. It’s that we feel it deeply.”


In photos: How construction has changed campus

By Staff

We chronicle a story of spiraling mental health, institutionalized alienation, and renewed hopes for reform.


‘Princeton comes together when there’s a special moment’: Enthusiasm soars as March Madness watch parties reach capacity

By Lia Opperman and Olivia Sanchez

The official campus watch party in Whig Hall, as well as local bars Alchemist & Barrister and Winberie’s, all reached capacity before Friday’s March Madness matchup tipped off. Students, alumni, and other community members expressed excitement about the historic moment for Princeton.


An ode to Halloweekend

By Eric Fenno

“Getting ready is the most essential part of a Halloween party. Whether you just throw on an oversized shirt and boxers for a low effort but utterly classic “the guy from Risky Business” or you don full-fledged face makeup, green hair, and purple suit for the Joker, getting ready is the time to get into character. You are no longer you.”


University responds to postdocs’ protest, raises minimum salary by 7,000 Paw Points

By Sophia Varughese

“I just had my second kid. Now, instead of being able to buy formula, I can either feed a Junbi matcha latte or Thomas Sweet melted vanilla ice cream to my infant child. Great.”


Midnight strikes on men’s basketball’s Cinderella run in 86–75 loss to Creighton

By Wilson Conn

Against Creighton, the Tigers lacked the defense and rebounding that had been key to their first two March Madness wins, as they allowed 58.2 percent shooting and were out-rebounded by 11.


Princeton is, and may forever be, a Predominately White Institution

By Mohan Setty-Charity

“The composition of Princeton’s faculty, the history of the institution, and the culture of the school contribute to the sense that Princeton not only has been, but most certainly still is a PWI.”


‘A very special time of year’: Lent, Ramadan, and Passover on campus

By Raphaela Gold

In the last month, students of varying faiths observed three major religious holidays. The Daily Princetonian spoke with them about their experiences finding community, celebrating, and balancing academic obligations with special observances and practices during this period. 


It’s time for Princeton to contextualize students’ GPAs

By Henry Hsiao

“Adopting contextual grading through class medians ... will prove an excellent first step towards demystifying the student GPA and grading process at Princeton.”


10 things I love about Princeton

By Caroline Kirby

“Cheers grow at 1952 Stadium, talking and laughter reverberate throughout every courtyard, and we grasp every extra moment, knowing June approaches. Then, it all begins again.”


Princeton’s friendliest face: a Q&A with Mathey College’s ‘Ms. Heather’

By Kerrie Liang

“The evidence was undeniable — BAC wasn’t just building a group of great dancers, it was building a community.”


Let them eat crepes: stop abusing Pay with Points

By Abigail Rabieh

"Financial aid resources should not force students to choose which aspects of the Princeton community they are able to participate in, especially when the programs are directed to specific ends. The Pay with Points program was not brought about in order to allow students facing financial difficulties to have more access to social life — all those involved clearly created the initiative in order to increase town engagement.”


Senior Patrick Glory becomes first Princeton NCAA wrestling champion in 72 years

By Nishka Bahl

“I just wanted to come out here and prove to everybody I could do it and that Pat Glory is a national champion,” Glory told ESPN.


Bicker, explained

By Laura Robertson

We explain Bicker and the history and controversies surrounding it.


Princeton should support student-led clubs as essential to building community

By Tim Frawley

The post-COVID-19 treatment of club sports highlights gaps in the University’s approach to student life — the administration should shift from a top-down approach to one that seeks to support student groups and utilize student feedback to organically foster community.


In love I trust

By Abby Yuexi Lu

“Yet, suddenly, I didn’t want to just pass these moments by anymore. I wanted to feel the sentimentality exalted in the song and, one day, be able to claim these thoughts as my own.”


Hobson College designed ugly enough to dissuade photo shoots

By Vitus Larrieu

Graduation is likely the last thing on your mind (you haven’t even arrived yet!), but check out this moving reflection from a recently graduated senior.


A drastically changed process for students seeking mental health leaves

By Lia Opperman

An overview of the past ten years of mental health related leave of absences at Princeton show students’ satisfaction with the process has changed drastically. While the mid 2010s saw high profile negative experiences with the University’s mental health services, a Department of Justice review, and University-wide changes, two current students who spoke to the ‘Prince’ report markedly better experiences.


The invisible and ignored struggles of Princeton's service workers

By David Beeson and Abdul-Bassit Fijabia

“Princeton’s pay stagnation shows a blatant disregard for the deplorable conditions that their essential workers live in — conditions that are in direct contrast to Princeton’s status as the wealthiest per-capita university in the US.”


Six apps and extensions I use to manage my reading workload

By Avery Danae Williams

“I ask myself: What about the text is making me feel this way and why? How does the reading relate to past and present life events? When I finish, I feel a lot better knowing I’m in a calmer headspace to continue reading.”


Activity fee increase dominates Daniels's legacy, campus pub still in the works

By Nandini Krishnan

Daniels also commented on the expansion of mental health programming. Committee chairs summarize their work this semester, from Lawnparties, to the academic expo, to a student porch at Princeton Porchfest.


Honor Committee has smaller footprint than most students imagine, chairs say

By Julian Hartman-Sigall

The ‘Prince’ reviewed all relevant reports and interviewed current and former chairs of the Honor Committee about how their processes have changed since the rejected referenda and students’ criticism of the Committee.This process revealed that the Honor Committee has undergone various changes over the last few years. Moreover, compared to the Committee on Discipline (COD), the Honor Committee has much narrower scope.   


Rejection is common at Princeton – and that’s a good thing

By Kelsey Ji

“At Princeton, we don’t only in the classroom, we also learn life skills — like how to deal with rejection ... While there are resources like precepts, office hours, and the McGraw Center available to help students overcome the academic learning curve, there are few resources that are available to guide students through the learning curve of handling rejections, the feeling of not meeting others’ expectations, and the feeling of letting oneself down.”