Advice for Frosh

By Daily Princetonian Staff

"Explore a lot! There are so many wonderful people, events, clubs, and classes at Princeton, so actively seek out experiences that bring you joy. At the same time, be mindful to take care of yourself as well—staying healthy is super important and helps you enjoy everything more :)"

- Audrey Zhang '25

"Do things because they excite you, not to pack a resume. Do less so that you can enjoy more free time. Care for each other."

- José Pablo Fernández García '23

"You're gonna want to try a lot of things. That's good, but remember that it's okay to back out of something if it gets to be too much. Just be upfront about it and tell the relevant person that you can no longer fully commit. Ultimately, always do what's best for YOU, and keep in mind that duck syndrome is real."

- Elizabeth Medina '24

"Princeton is a great place to spend your next 4 years at, so make the most of it - you get to decide who and what will be a part of that experience! Never lose sight of your values and always ask for support."

- Audrey Chau ‘25

"Take the time to find what you love doing, both inside and outside the classroom. It's okay to change your mind, and it's okay to not have all the answers. Seek them."

- Anika Buch '24

"Try the pistachio matcha at Coffee Club."

- Sophia Colmenares '24

"College isn’t easy, but know that you aren’t alone in going through the hard parts and there are so many people who are there to help you get past it."

- Katherine Dailey ’24

"Sometimes it is better to do mediocrely or even badly on an assignment rather than miss doing something joy-bringing with your friends."

- Hope Perry '24

"1.) Talk to your professors. Not only will they appreciate your effort, but this is the best way to make the most of your Princeton education.
2.) Always keep a notebook on hand. Write down interesting things your peers and professors say. Write down questions that spark your intellectual curiosity. Write down experiences you want to remember. Your future self will thank you.
3.) Have a plan for what class, major, and activities path you want to choose, but be open to that plan changing. Be prepared for it to change.
4.) Understand the importance of good sleep. It can be tempting to get swept up in the excitement of new social and academic opportunities but realize your college life will be more enjoyable with rest."

- Kalena Blake '24

"Change up your study spots often. Late meal saves lives."

- Michelle Liu '25

"Surround yourself with people you feel comfortable, unfiltered, and appreciated with. These may not be the your first friends, or the friends of your friends. Be intentional."

- Ian Fridman ‘25

"Try everything! Sign up for all the clubs that even remotely pique your interest, and then see what sticks. Princeton has a reputation for having incredibly selective clubs, but I recommend applying/auditioning for everything. People are excited to meet you, and you’ll likely have more success than you anticipate. Good luck!"

- Anika Asthana '25

"Princeton is very, very lucky to have you. Don't forget it, and never lose the courage to try hard things."

- Rohit Narayanan '24

"In the words of the 145th Editorial Board, "ask for the damn extension."

- Caitlin Limestahl '23

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